From Tanzania to New York, Young Dee Has Made a Name for Himself

Courage means to keep making forward progress while you still feel afraid. Our development in any life endeavor is neither inevitable nor automatic. Every step we take towards our goals requires suffering, struggle, and sacrifice, spruced up with a touch of passion. This is a what guides Tanzanian rapper, Young Dee. In a step to further his career he has recently signed a partnership contract with Equity Distribution, a well-known distributor in the State of New York, with this partnership, he has set himself up to becoming not only one of the most influential rappers in East Africa, but in the world.

David Genz “Young Dee” Mboli is an established and accomplished singer, rapper, songwriter, performer, actor, and entrepreneur. He uses his musical talents to entertain audiences and inspires young fans from all over the world and his home country of Tanzania. Young Dee’s unique artistry, usually denoted by his seemingly effortless transition from staple rap and hip-hop to a range of other music genres, is a signature that many in the industry cannot replicate. This skill has gained him a loyal fan base in Africa.

His new partnership with Equity Distribution aligns him with incredible artists like Kelly Rowland, Tinashe, and Neek Bucks. The platform of working under the EQ umbrella enables him to receive mentorship from some of the best in the industry as he climbs his way up in his career. This next step in his career will also give him increased exposure by introducing him to the United States fan base and possibly the rest of the world. Young Dee’s new deal will provide him with numerous opportunities to collaborate and tour with other artists. In addition to these opportunities, Young Dee’s introduction to the American music industry will inevitably lead to a larger social media following and will later establish him as one of East Africa’s finest rappers.

While Young Dee envisions personal progress as a means of experiencing self-actualization, he is committed to his philanthropic work with the United Nations, where he speaks to young children in the region about the power of education, hard work and never giving up. He is also committed to helping individuals in his community seek achievements for themselves and help his community progress and prosper. Unlike many other artists, his ambitions are broad enough to include the aspiration and needs of others. Young Dee’s way is to positively impact youths who listen to his music with positive vibes and remind them that anything is possible in life if they work harder than anyone around them.

For Young Dee, all progress takes place outside his comfort zone. He is intentional about his work and strategically calculates all his moves – there is no time for making excuses.

Instagram: @youngdaresalama

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