Florida Rapper Trill Looks to Give Back to his Community as he Releases Latest Single and Mixtape

Looking to grow his following and break into the Rap scene, Miami based artist Trill is jumping straight in, releasing both his single “Circus” and his mixtape “Out The Shadows – Trill’s Revenge”. Both of these releases are perfect examples of the musicianship and talent that Trill possesses and are proof that he is more than ready to take over the Rap scene.

Trill began to take interest in music at a young age. He grew up in a home surrounded by music as his mother worked at a record label. “I got to see everything from the studio to the writing, the hardware to what the artist would be putting into the experience and it just kind of motivated me. Then when I realized that I could actually flow to a beat, I was like this is something I could definitely do.”

Influenced by some of the big rappers of the 90’s, Trill’s music relies greatly on his lyricism. “I consider myself a lyricist who can actually rap. You know, all these guys are rappers, but I see myself as a lyricist because I like to think a little bit, broaden my aspects. I’m influenced a lot by artists like Tupac, Biggie and Andre 3000. I definitely looked up to those guys and I still listen to them a lot.”

“Music is my best buddy. It’s my best buddy because it helps me. It gives me time to just write stories. I love writing. Even as a kid, I’ve always written stuff like little skits and movies, or like things that I think could actually be movies. So when I write songs, I can just kind of get into that mood. I just know it’s my best buddy because no matter what I’m going through, if I’m sad or happy or whatever I’m feeling, I can write. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are.”

Trill’s latest single, “Circus,” has an interesting and unusual concept to it. With a new take on Urban Latino music, he makes strides on a style of music that is greatly untapped. “It’s like merging the two genres together and it’s just crazy. It is something that the Latino and Urban communities can relate to together because it has a party vibe that anyone can get into.” Trill will be releasing the music video to go along with “Circus” sometime in December, which is worth looking out for.

“Circus” is one of the songs on Trill’s mixtape, “Out The Shadows – Trill’s Revenge”. This mixtape has tracks that take you through the journey of Trill’s life, as well as acts as a light, pulling Trill and his musical talents out of the metaphorical shadows.

One of the biggest things that Trill focuses on is giving back to his community and teaching people to get where he is without having to go through all of the trials that he has faced. “My main goal is to just keep grinding, trying to make it so that when I make it, I can help all types of communities by giving back. When it comes down to helping folks to make better living conditions… giving people chances to go higher, the chance to jump when you’re busy. And that’s really what counts because you could be giving somebody the opportunity that they couldn’t get and now you can shine a light to some talent.”

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“Out The Shadow- Trill’s Revenge”


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