“Westin was written during the quarantine. Me and AR cooped up in the spot, getting fucked up and paranoid but yet formulating for the future, like this what we going through but we gonna survive” Bub Styles, Brooklyn heavy-weight (lyrically and physically) describes “Westin” the new single from his emcee duo with BK brother, ARXV, FLEEMRKT.

“Westin,” which premieres today via Hip Hop Weekly is a taste of the forthcoming EP, Get Rich Or Go Broke which drops September 1st and is fully produced by Ace Fayce.

Hip-Hop fiends will recognize that Bub and Ace released their full-length collaboration Very Sucio, Muy Picante less than two months ago. While that project was glorious grimy boom-bap NY style, Fayce says his approach to these tracks as “attempting to modernize/bridge that sound with space for more trap style flows. It’s slower and denser than previous FLEEMRKT material. A number of these tracks were worked on while we were doing Very Sucio but it was obviously a very different animal. ” ARXV echoes this by saying “this is different than The Sauce Awards EP (2019), where we tackled a variety of flavors that we vibe to. We really honed in on a sound here, it’s a darker, less playful sound.”

Listen to “Westin” here:


Watch video teaser to EP here:  

Six tracks deep, the EP also features an appearance from the Tiger Bone Champ himself $auce Heist.

Pre-order here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/get-rich-or-go-broke-ep/1528911562

More info:




U.S. Publicity Contact:

Jerry Graham, JerryGrahamPublicity@gmail.com

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