Fat Joe Team Up With Cardi B and Annuel AA for “Yes”

Rapper Cardi B and Latin trap star Annuel AA are featured on Fat Joe’s latest banger, “Yes”. The Bronx native’s recurring “Ass up, face down” can be heard over a sample of Hector Lavoe and Willie Colón’s salsa classic, “Aguanilé.” while Cardi, also form the Bronx, goes hard on her verse, referring to herself as ‘La Cardi’.

“La Cardi / Bardi / Never been stressed by a ho, no / Never been pressed by a bitch (By a bitch) / Murder and the money on my mind (On my mind) / My palm and my trigger finger itch, bitch”

Anuel AA steps in with a few hot Spanish rhymes of his own, even referencing Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s album Plato O Plomo.

Fat Joe will be releasing his upcoming album Family Ties later this year. His last single “Pullin’”, with Lil’ Wayne and Dre, dropped earlier this summer.

Listen to the Cool & Dre production, “Yes”, below.

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