Faith Evans Recalls Smoking Joints With Whitney Houston

Since the passing of the beautiful and talented Whitney Houston, we’ve heard tons of stories from friends of the singer. Each story giving us a glimpse at the joy she was to be around personally, and now we have another.

Singer Faith Evans appeared on TV One’s Uncensored series Sunday, November 10th and according to Page Six, Faith had a few stories that didn’t make the cut. Among those stories are memories of her ex-husband Biggie Smalls and Whitney Houston.

“Whitney and Bobby Brown used to live in the same country club as me and my ex-husband and one day they came to our house,” said Faith. “We were drinking wine, smoking joints, and they had this thing where they would dance and curse at each other.”

Faith even recalled Whitney wanting them to do a reality show, and her responding by saying “Girl y’all just did the first episode right here.” Evans went on, informing us that her and Whitney really started hanging after Biggie’s passing.

The two Jersey songstresses were thick as thieves and have memories that will last a lifetime, but if stories this great didn’t make the cut, we can’t help but wonder what other stories are sitting in the Uncensored vault.

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