[EXCLUSIVE] Meet Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Nikki Natural: “I’m Beautiful, Intelligent, Bossed Up and I Talk My Shit!”

Miami is known for it’s spice, and birthing raw female talent, such as Trina, Joseline Hernandez and the City Girls. This season Love & Hip Hop Miami introduced us to the beautiful and feisty, Nikki Natural. Introduced to the world as Trick Daddy‘s new love interest and an aspiring rap artist, Nikki’s presence demands your attention; confident, well within her right, Nikki took some time out of her day to sit down with Hip Hop Weekly.

HHW: For the few who may not be familiar with Nikki Natural. Tell us a little about Nikki.

Nikki: Well I’m from North Miami, FL; Westside to be exact. I’m an aspiring rapper, and also featured on this season of Love & Hip Hop Miami.

HHW: I’m actually glad you mentioned the show. So far we’ve seen a lot of Nikki on this season, and you’ve somewhat been painted as the controversial “it” girl. Would you say the Nikki portrayed on the show is a true depiction of Nikki Natural?

Nikki: No. It’s definitely not a true depiction of me. I’m a very humble person. What the viewers don’t see is how these women come for me. What they get to see is my response so it makes me look like I’m arrogant, when in actuality I’m just defending myself. I will never allow anyone on this planet to bring me down. I will always love me. That’s why I promote self-love, because of people like them!

L.U.V. L.I.F.E.  is the acronym. It means Love Ur Vibe Live It Fully Everyday! How can I possibly love anyone if I can’t love myself, so I have to love me more than anybody on this God’s green Earth. I know a lot of people personally who have committed suicide due to the fact that they lacked self-love, and that really effects me, because these are people who are dear to my heart, so this is where this confidence comes from. I do it for them! Not to be confused with arrogance.

HHW: Why do you feel like you’re being targeted by the other ladies?

Nikki: I feel like I came in as Trick’s girlfriend and Joy automatically felt some type of way. Trina is naturally gonna back her cousin, and the other girls want to kiss Trina’s ass, so pretty much a snowball effect. And once they came for me, I never backed down and that just doesn’t sit well with them. The fact that i’m beautiful, intelligent, bossed up and I talk my shit.

HHW: Well said, so how long have you been doing music, and when can we expect your first full-length project?

Nikki: I’ve been doing music all my life. I come from a musical background. Half of my family does music, so I’ve been surrounded by it all my life. My first project, which is my mixtape, will be dropping at the beginning of Spring and it’s titled Say Hello To The Bad Guy: Nikki Natural Saga.

HHW: What motivates Nikki both, in and out of the booth?

Nikki: My children motivate me in and out of the studio. This is who I do it for. I want to leave a great legacy behind for them.

HHW: What are three things about Nikki that would shock the public?

Nikki: The most shocking things about me were already revealed on Love & Hip Hop Miami; me having three sons, being celibate for two years and having a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. I’m also a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist.

HHW: How do you balance your career and the new level of exposure with your home life and motherhood?

Nikki: Im still in the beginning stages of my career, so I haven’t hit that crazy stage yet. .I still take my kids to school every morning and cook dinner for them almost every night. I also coach them in basketball on the weekends, but as soon as I drop this project in the Spring. I know a lot of that is going to change.

HHW: So what’s next for Nikki? 2020 goals.. lay ‘em out.

Nikki: Well for 2020, my goals are to make it on the Billboards, because you don’t really have a hit until you hit the Billboard charts and go on tour.

HHW: Last question.. We had to slip this one in for the fellas. In real time, is Nikki Natural single? 

Nikki: Yes I am single and ready to mingle lol

Check out Nikki’s latest below.

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