EuroWorldWide Takes Hip Hop to a Different Level on his New Single, “Pain” Feat Nyce Da Future

Things aren’t always what they seem. Giovanni Gordon, the artist known as EuroWorldWide takes hip-hop music to a whole different level. in his newly released single, “Pain” featuring Nyce Da Future. These explicit lyrics are definitely for the “Grown and Sexy” crowd. The song is making its’ way up the airwaves with force and erotic overtones. However, EuroWorldWide strokes your ear with the beat and vibe that lies below the surface engaging the listener from far and wide. Yes, sex sells but so does EuroWorldWide’s record sales.

Publicist Lynn Hobson states, “EuroWorldWide is like the African Rasta Eagle. He has his sights on winning and nothing is going to keep him from that.” Although he flashes luxury cars faster than you can bat your eyes – his success didn’t come easy. He paid his debt to society and after that, he returned home to reclaim his life and all it has to offer. One hit at a time, “Pain” can be heard on all streaming platforms.


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