Erykah Badu To Host Producer Liv.e’s Livestreamed Album Release Party On Platform

Living legend Erykah Badu is set to host producer Liv.e’s livestreamed album release party on her highly acclaimed platform. As his album drops tomorrow, having the backing of Ms. Badu is exactly what he needs to take his career to new heights. The 22-year-old singer, songwriter 
and producer has a sound that easily aligns with Badu’s classic harmonies that has impacted the music game for over the last 20 years!

The fact that liv.e is a female, makes this collaboration much more special sparking uniting among black women in the entertainment business. Badu told the New York Times that her platform “is a living and breathing piece of architecture that will grow as my vision does. And now I have the opportunity to share my platform with artists with similar sensibilities.” As was created right before quarantine ensued, Badu wasted no time in bringing her talent to our living rooms worldwide. She created a live interactive streaming network to put on her ambitious Quarantine Concert Series: The Apocalypse which kicked off on March 23. The series of three concerts allowed fans to engage with Badu in an intimate streaming experience that upheld the integrity of her unique live shows. 

Liv.e who is gearing up for her most successful year yet, is not only Badu’s friend but her protége. As the two share a mutual fanbase and love of mixing vast sounds and genres together, it makes perfect sense for these ladies to do something together for the culture. With her album Couldn’t Wait To Tell You (In Real Life Records) coming out this Friday, Badu felt a good time to walk it like she talks it and team up with Liv.e.

Be on the lookout for Liv.e’s new album release and join the live stream of it with Erykah Badu on her Baduworldmarket platform tomorrow! 

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