Entrepreneur JOPAUL Finds a New Destiny in the World of Podcasting

Written By The Millennial General

Very few people are willing to look into the mirror and stare into their pain.  Most people don’t desire to meditate on flaws, only choosing to see what they want to believe.  The music industry provides a beautiful illusion of infinite success and wealth.  When the smoke clears, 99% of artists are faced with a cold reality and forced to land their plane of assumed destiny.  A large percentage transition to a 9 to 5 and never re-create the passion for pursuing greatness.  

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Jopaul is the definition of ‘Championship DNA.’  Jopaul’s career in music spans a decade-plus and includes everything from awards to Billboard Magazine media coverage.  Jopaul music journey has taken him around the world and achieved heights unimaginable from his initial expectations.  Jopaul’s music catalog has amassed 5,000,000 digital streams and galvanized fans worldwide.  Jopaul’s roots in Hip-Hop run deep in the streets of Staten Island.    

Performing at sold-out night club events, opening for mainstream Hip-Hop performers, and impacting New York radio on Hot 97 are badges of honor worn by Jopaul. However, during an in-depth conversation with a long-time business partner Jonathan P-Wright aka The Millennial General, Jopaul discussed transitioning into podcasting.   

Mr. Wright explained that Jopaul was born “box-office,” and his onscreen charisma was incomparable.  Music created the name Jopaul; however, podcasting would cement his legacy.  In Mr. Wright’s mind, nobody embodied the meaning ‘VERIFIED’ more than Jopaul. The ‘VERIFIED’ podcast was born, and Jopaul would begin the steps of creating a multimedia empire.  Originally scheduled to broadcast via the world-famous Quad Studio’s, that plan was altered due to COVID-19.  Jopaul re-organized his game plan and launched the ‘VERIFIED’ Podcast from his customized studio.  

Within 120 days of being fully functional, the ‘VERIFIED’ podcast success is 1000% unconventional.  Jopaul’s star power landed immense Hollywood and music industry heavyweights from Arie Spears, DJ EFN, Drummaboy Fresh, and more. In partnership with RADIOPUSHERS, Jopaul launched the official website of the ‘VERIFIED’ Podcast and received distribution via Google News.  In 2021, the ‘VERIFIED’ Podcast website receives 50,000+ unique visitors monthly.    

Jopaul’s YouTube Channel is 100% monetized with 1,000+ subscribers and over 6,000 watched hours.  Jopaul never doubted his ability to secure his calling in life, even when the initial dream became redefined.  Jopaul’s is on his Jay Z blueprint type vibe right now, which means “watch the throne.”    Jopaul is CEO of Jopaul Publishing, LLC and Global Advocate for RADIOPUSHERS.   

Jonathan P-Wright aka The Millennial General is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream media outlets and Chief Visionary Officer of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine.  

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