Emerging Detroit Artist Rafa Don Drops Off New Single “General Population” Paying Tribute To George Floyd

Detroit native and recording artist Rafa Don just couldn’t stand by as the racial injustice and police brutality took a front seat. Rafa was so moved by baring witness to the injustice of George Floyd and many others, he decided to hit the booth and pen an impactful message in hopes of reaching the masses, correcting passive behavior and inspiring change.

How ya’ll just gon’ up your phone/And watch the police killing him/George Floyd, Eric Garner/Find out what they did to them/We can’t forget these tragedies

Rafa uses his platform to support the #NoJusticeNoPeace movement, as he feels anyone with a platform should. No stranger to this industry, Rafa Don’s music is filled with brilliant-catchy flow deliveries and unique-insightful lyrics that hint towards many possibilities. A business man first, Rafa Don managed to establish Make Way Entertainment LLC at the lowest time in his life financially and mentally, coming off of the loss of his mother. At the time, he served as his only artist, producer, marketer, and so forth; one could imagine the company motto of “No way, Make Way” was derived through the countless hours of work and the resilience it took Rafa Don to have.. a true trendsetter indeed.

Stream “General Population” below.

Follow Rafa Don’s journey on Instagram: @rafadon

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