Emerging Artist, Tynch set to Release Distinctive New Album, “Nephilim” on August 4

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the founding of his record label, Southside King Productions, the independent solo rapper, Tyler “Tynch” Blanchard will drop his latest album, “Nephilim” next month.

An energetic creator with a smooth and swift flow, Tynch delivers different vibes and metaphors in a diverse genre range, from 808 to Trap to Drill. He is a deep thinker who inspires his listeners by sharing genuine and heartfelt experiences of his own. By utilizing different pain scenarios, Tynch makes music that people can relate to because whatever he is talking about, others have gone through at some point. “I want to try to connect with different people on different levels,” Tynch said.

For his latest project, Tynch genuinely opened up to connect with as many listeners as possible. Slated for release on August 4, the 20-track album, “Nephilim” is now available for pre order. The varied range of high caliber songs was assembled to showcase the artist’s immense talent and abilities. Over a period of eight months, Tynch put a great deal of time and thought into the project and writing. “I just really got in tune with this album and I wanted it to be my best work,” he said.

The lead single, also called “Nephilim,” was released earlier this month to promote the album and has received great feedback. The single is a laid-back track that really vibes. “Nephilim” speaks of how it is possible to bounce back from life using a metaphor of a falling and rising star.

Another track on the new album, “Classic” is also very metaphoric. Tynch expressed that he loves where he went with “Classic,” providing a multitude of deep, hidden meanings within the track and the vocals. Tynch experimented with a newer vibe to craft another standout song called “Euphoric.” A catchy track, “Euphoric” flaunts a more chill atmosphere.

Based in Arkansas, Tynch draws inspiration from what he has seen on the streets and from watching how the lives of others play out. Always a fan of Hip Hop, Tynch listened to artists such as Lil Wayne since he was 6 years old. As a professional artist, producer and audio engineer, Tynch has consistently produced quality music for his listeners for the past five years through his independent company, South Side King (SSK) Productions. Listen to his music not only for the beat but for the thought provoking lyrics as well. Tynch has a good sized catalogue of music readily available on major music platforms.

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