Ella Mai Releases New Track “Not Another Love Song”

It’s been a minute since R&B songstress Ella Mai gave us some new tunes…until today! The British singer dropped a brand new laid-back track titled “Not Another Love Song.”

Deep in, swimmin’ in my feelings / I’ve been here before but it feels like I’m drownin’ / Sinkin’, am I overthinkin’? / Tell me, am I foolish to think you need me here? / Oh, oh, oh, ooh, oh 

In a recent interview, Ella explained the meaning behind the song — falling in love but being afraid to admit it.

“I think we’ve all been in a place of trying to navigate the feeling of, ‘Am I in love? Am I not in love?’ If I say it too soon, will I mess things up? Or just, do I really want to admit that I’m in love? I sat down with one of my favorite writers who I wrote “Trip” with, Varren Wade, and we were just talking. … We were like, “This is special.” So I’m really excited about it.”

Check out “Not Another Love Song” here.

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