Editor-In-Chief Kash Jones Discusses Police Brutality, The Importance of the Black Vote & R. Kelly

A daily brief conversation turned into a lengthy, impactful discussion with our Editor-in-Chief Kash Jones recently. With so much going on in the world, awareness is always necessary, and it’s refreshing to connect with like minds about the importance of our people in a very critical time for our country. Kash shared with me her thoughts on Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Sandra Bland and many others whose lives were tragically taken as a result of police brutality. She also dived head first into the importance of black voices in Hip-Hop and Media in politics; resulting in our discussion about the importance of the black vote.

As a woman of color in a leadership role, Kash felt emotionally triggered by our ever changing and growing society, yet stagnated racially unjust practices. When asked if Kash felt social status played a role in who is targeted, Kash stated she did not; making very relevant points regarding the current “cancel culture” and attack on many of our black icons, which are aided by our very own people.

Unbeknownst to many, Kash Jones is not only the Editor In Chief here at Hip Hop Weekly, but a published author, serial entrepreneur and Investigative Journalist. For the last two and a half years she daringly conducted her very own R. Kelly investigation; which the world will soon discover, so when the current “cancel culture” was mentioned, I couldn’t help, but ask if her findings led her to believe R. Kelly was a victim of racial profiling.

We’re in a climate where our black icons are being targeted and torn apart. I’m not here to assess R. Kelly’s guilt, nor should anyone else in the public, but if you pay attention to the facts and not the propaganda, it’s not hard to see there’s a larger agenda here and he’s just a pawn. This man’s due process rights are violated daily and he’ll never have a fair trial with the level of media manipulation we’ve all witnessed. He’s already been to trial via media, ya know? And it’s been heavily based on emotionally triggering hearsay and publicity stunts with no factual hardcore evidence presented publicly. I don’t care what he’s done or not done. This is America, and due process is his constitutional right; which includes his presumption of innocence until proven guilty. You would want it for your son, father or brother, so why not him?

Kash Jones

Kash Jones

HHW: Well according to legal documents, he is a harm to society. Do you agree with those claims?

Kash Jones: (sarcastically laughs) R. Kelly is allegedly a harm to society, but his alleged victims parade around daily doing whatever and whomever they please including pick fun at the fact that he can’t make bail based on their weekly publicity stunts. Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey’s accusers magically dropped like flies and he released “Kill Them With Kindness”.. no one said a peep. He was never a threat to society. I can’t make this stuff up and nobody can make it make sense. There’s a reason anytime Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey or even Jeffrey Epstein, early on, made the news, R. Kelly’s case surfaced and made larger headlines, but people aren’t ready for that conversation yet. They’re too busy riding the hate train that was strategically created for them with their blindfolds.

HHW: Point taken. There’s been a huge racial debate about the actions of those who’ve suffered at the hands of racial injustice. Some feel certain individuals, such as Sandra Bland “had it coming”. I’ve literally heard some say if she would not have been so vocal she’d still be alive. So when we look at the Jacob Blake, George Floyd’s and Breonna Taylor’s of today, what do you have to say about that thesis?

Kash Jones: Oh wow! You’re really coming with it, with these questions, but I think it’s a crock of bull honestly. The only thing any of these individuals could have done differently is not be black. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all people, but it definitely seems like being black in America is an everyday issue and the targets are placed strategically on our backs. Jacob Blake did nothing wrong! Sandra Bland did nothing wrong! George Floyd did nothing wrong and Breonna Taylor did absolutely nothing wrong!

HHW: I’ve heard you say many times and much like myself, you’re passionate about our African American people and feel unity is needed more than ever right now. How do you feel we, as a people, can be most effective in uniting and getting our point across?

Kash Jones: Those in the position to assist and with platforms must all chime in to first educate; educate ourselves and then educate our people.Then we have to become vocal; peaceful protest, panels, shows, music, merch. We have to provide the reminder of our cause and purpose everywhere and we must collectively do it together. And we absolutely MUST band together and vote. The black vote is so important.

HHW: As an industry professional, how do you feel you can contribute to stopping police brutality and influencing the black vote?

Kash Jones: By being vocal and educating as many of our people as possible. As media professionals, we have to use our platforms to reach the masses and for a good cause. My contribution will be my RESPECT The Vote column, which will be an informative column on politics, the election and importance of the black vote.

Make sure to check out Kash’s RESPECT The Vote column here on Hip Hop Weekly every Tuesday at noon, starting September 29th. The column will target African Americans and aim to educate on the importance of the black vote, the different levels of government, ways African Americans can be involved, even at a local level, and how all of this impacts our everyday lives.

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