Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You; Tim Wolf Releases New Single ‘Born in South Dakota’

After a full career in business, Tim Wolf decided it was time to pursue his dreams. He started releasing music and his most recent release, “Born in South Dakota,” is one of his most exciting yet.

Wolf began making music at a young age, singing in the church choir and taking guitar lessons as a child. “I sang in the teen choir which was a big deal, everybody wanted to be in that. I started playing guitar in the teen choir and that’s how I started the music. I started taking guitar lessons from a local pastor in maybe third grade and then, as I got older, I got really serious about guitar. I started taking lessons from a pro, classical guitarist and I started practicing every minute I had available. Then I started playing in bands. I’ve only really started my solo career in 2017, so it hasn’t really been that long.”

Though Wolf took interest in music early on, it was not until recently that he truly decided to pursue his passions, selling the assets of the company that he started and was the owner of to take off with the intention of studying music production in California. After working with some

of the best teachers in the field, he relocated, ending up in Nashville, where after some trial and error, he found himself creating and producing his own music.

With music that is unique and hard to pin to a genre, Wolf is a versatile and hardworking artist that aspires to create music that really just reaches the hearts and minds of his audience. “I call it Americana Alternative which is a mix of the Americana sound and a kind of Alternative or Indie Rock. I take a lot of influence from Eric Clapton. A lot of people don’t really know Clapton in the “Clapton is God” era when that was stenciled on the wall in London. That is a really different side from what a lot of people know and I think I am trying to emulate that. He’s a chameleon and is all over the map.”

Wolf’s latest track, “Born in South Dakota,” is an exciting and historically fueled piece. Co-written by Wolf and his friend Jimmy D, the track takes you back to the times of Wild Bill Hickok and reminisces over the thick-skinned life of a South Dakotan. “I was watching a show that I really enjoyed called Billions and in the third season, the first episode starts with a song called “Born in San Antonio.” I thought ‘Oh, man, that’s cool.’ I thought man, I’m from South Dakota, so I decided to write a song called “Born in South Dakota,” and I came up with the line ‘I was born in South Dakota, don’t say I didn’t warn you.’ And that’s what it started with. We started looking for something to put in the song and we actually put in the verses the story of Wild Bill Hickok, which is probably the most famous, true historical story from the Wild West.” The song also brings up a variety of different topics relative to life in South Dakota where it can be chillingly cold and the people are intense and focused.

Wolf currently has 8 songs released on streaming services but is putting out dozens of covers and original tracks on his YouTube channel. He has the goal of putting out singles as often as possible and is always looking to create new music and share new content with his audience.

“I like the slogan ‘Follow where your heart leads,’ because I followed my dream. I have left my business as a non-traditional person deciding to suddenly go the musician route. Most people are young artists just out of school and they have known that’s what they want. I had a career in business first, and I made the right turn to do that. So I’m hoping that perhaps I can continue to talk about that in the other groups and inspire people to follow their dreams, no matter what the situation.”

You can find links to Tim Wolf’s music, social media, YouTube and more below. Be sure to check them out!

Triller: @thetimwolf

“Castle Built of Cards”

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