Domani Releases “Time Will Tell” Deluxe EP

Domani Harris (son of T.I.) returns to the scene with the deluxe version of his Time Will Tell EP. The Atlanta native delivers an impressive serving of cutting edge melodies and lyrics that keep your attention from beginning to end. As he is a part of the new aged millennial rap craze, he does an excellent job of creating a release that directly picky backs off of his 2019 release of Time Will Tell EP.

When asked why he decided to release a deluxe version of his project Domani stated “In 2019 I put out my first album Time Will Tell and as time told I realized I had more to say; I wanted the new music to come from a more mature state of mind so I fasted for 7 days to clear my mind to prepare for the project and reconnect with my fans”.

Time Will Tell (Deluxe) delivers a deeper look into who Domani is and what direction he is taking musically. As he allows listeners to experience a more mature and thriving sound, the adding of five new songs to the already stellar body of work, was simply genius. These records give more depth to Domani’s original sound taking this release to new heights.

One song that stands out the most is “Daydream” featuring up and coming lyricist Reuben Vincent. It takes your ears on a musical excursion of soulful rifts and deep content. As he continues to be a standout rising rap sensation, Domani is a name that the world will recognize very soon. Press play below to stream his new Time Will Tell Deluxe Edition.

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