Dollas Up Nero Talks About His Future Plans As A Rapper And Entrepreneur

Our dreams cannot become a reality through magic; it takes determination,
resilience, sweat, and hard work. All of us have the strength, passion, and patience to reach for the stars, to realize our potential in life. It is our dreams and ambitions that determine our worth. Dollas Up Nero has set a path for himself; to become one of the greatest rappers of his generation, and entrepreneur who will soon be competing with other multi-million establishments around the globe.

His hit singles, Press Play and Loaded Up, continue to garner thousands of
views on major music streaming platforms. His deep, authentic voice is a wonder that lures hip hop enthusiasts to listen to his songs. Dollas Up Nero has adopted the traditional rapping style- the spoken word kind of approach that enchants his fans. Aside from all these, he is also the founder of Frostiez, a cannabis-producing entity that also sells several clothing brands. As he balances his life ventures, Dollas Up Nero cannot fail to fathom about his future in the game.

He believes that rising in the music industry is all about creating formidable networks with the right people. This is his dream; to have the connections that will elevate him as a rapper. Dollas Up Nero knows too well that a man without ambition is an old man waiting to be. Whenever he meets a new contact, he does his best to pitch his talent with the hope of getting that referral to the next big thing. It is a strategy that has landed him deals to perform in sold-out concerts and gigs, but he believes this is not enough. He sees himself doing world tours in other continents in a few years, making a stand in large dais surrounded by fans who adore his abilities as a creative.

Dollas Up Nero wants to see his songs high up in the charts, an affirmation of his commitment to growth as both an individual and rapper. One of the things that Dollas Up Nero has learned about the business world is that his most unhappy customers are his greatest source of wisdom. Frostiez is a
company that sells top tier cannabis that is available in most dispensaries across California. His products come from a potent strain and designed to create an aesthetic appeal to potential buyers.

Dollas Up Nero knew that he had to change the outlook of the cannabis he produced and sold after listening to the concerns of his customers. Just like before, new clients from other states in the country are advising him to expand his territories. It is a realistic plan that he envisions to fulfill- he plans to do this by challenging himself, his competencies, and fears. Dollas Up Nero is acting on his dreams. The positivity mindset spurs him to imagine greater things for himself. He will need all the support he can get, both from his fans and customers.

Checkout his latest single below.

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