DMV Rap Artist Ty Thom Proves He Is A Force To Be Reckoned With On New Album ​‘LUCID​‘

Ty Thom presents a shift in his artistry with the full album ​LUCID​ presents a shift in Ty Thom’s approach to his craft. The album is full of songs that refuse to stick within the confines of genre. With a nuanced sound and melodies that flow seamlessly, ​LUCID​ is full of hits for every crowd.

LUCID ​represents a rollercoaster in Ty Thom’s life, where he felt stagnant, and he remedied that feeling by changing his thought process and his approach as an artist. This shift is evident when listening to ​LUCID​, and the growth of Ty Thom presents his audience with a reintroduction to his signature sound. The melodic raps of ​LUCID​ show Ty Thom’s ever-shifting approach to his artistry, and remind his listeners and the industry not to take their ears off of him.Ty Thom calls on his GODVZN label mates for the title track “Lucid” ft MoeSOS DC and “Kaepernick Jersey” ft Kev and Dre Wave$.

These songs not only showcase Ty Thom’s ability to move fluidly through cadences, but the difference in sound on GODVZN as a label, and their aptitude for finding each other’s rhythm.

Through​ LUCID​, Ty Thom crafts his own narrative, and reminds his audience to do the same.

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