Discussing Love, Heartbreak and Everything in Between, Aeropryme Releases New Track “Relax”

Well traveled and musically gifted are two of the many ways to describe the Sweden based artist Aeropryme. With a sound self-defined as wavey, he creates tracks that are intricate and flowy in a way that can catch any ear. Most recently, Aeropryme has put out his track “Relax” as a prerelease to his upcoming album which showcases his unique sound and brilliant storytelling abilities.

The name Aeropryme is a pseudonym for the artist it represents. “Aeropryme is a combination of my life experiences doing music at the same time of experiencing life and growing and evolving. So it’s like ‘Aero’ means fly and ‘pryme’ is like the contempt that I am in the prime of my life.”

Aeropryme has always related to the artistic side of life, being drawn in by Pop culture at a young age, he was quick to fall in love with music. “There was always some form of music in my childhood with Pop culture and entertainment and comedy, comic books and the whole wazoo. But nobody in my family has ever played instruments or sang at all, so it was probably because I had less interest in school – I was more glued to the TV than anything else – and it was music that really stuck out to me.”

With influences from musicians such as Three Six Mafia and 50 Cent, Aeropryme created a sound based around a malleable and flowing style. “50 Cent was important just because of the way his flow and his confidence were, and how he just barged into the industry with no holds barred and just went at everybody and still maintained his ground and standing. I thought that was quite phenomenal. Three Six Mafia, I just loved them for the rawness and freedom of expression.”

A well traveled musician, Aeropryme has had the opportunity to work with and create music in a variety of places around the world and with a collection of different people. This work has ranged from featuring to creating tracks and everything in between. It has been a source of inspiration for both his writing and his personal goals.

Aerpryme’s latest release, “Relax” is an amazing example of his artistic ability and unique sound. This song was mixed and mastered by producer Joe Tarantino. It focuses on the true story of a relationship that stuck with him on a deeper level. “I just got so inspired by all the moments of reminiscence, like when I would go to her place after work, and she would be getting off of work as well. We get to relive the harmony of those moments where we can relax and just get away so to speak.”

“Relax” is a pre-released track for Aeropryme’s upcoming album, “Flexing on a Heartbreak”, which follows the lead of the single in the topic of his life and romantic experience. “This album is love songs, trap songs and everything is mixed in with a little bit of Hip Hop, Pop, a sort of Alternative Rock, Retro Wave, Country, your run of the mill Trap songs and Afrobeat, with a little bit of everything else.”

Check out Aeropryme’s music and social media below.






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