Dillon Lee Cronan Combines Hip Hop & Punk To Deliver His Truly Unique Signature Sound

Originally from Georgia, musician, singer and songwriter Dillon Lee Cronan started playing guitar and composing raps as a teenager. A period of performing live around Dallas over five years led to the recording and release of Dillon’s first album, “A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood.”

The album establishes his trademark Punk Rap sound and lays the foundation for the direction he is taking. Combining his favorite types of music, with the addition of expert instrumentation often lacking in today’s Hip Hop, Dillon brings a fresh new sound to the game. “I pull from a lot of different types of influences and genres,” Dillon said. “Nothing else sounds quite like what I’m doing.” He has blended Rap’s lyricism and wordplay with super fast classic Punk to create a sound unlike anything else that listeners have heard in some time.

The album’s lead single, “Learn How to Smile” is an upbeat, radio friendly jam that is reminiscent of Green Day instrumentally. The song talks about going through struggles and consciously choosing to stay positive and keeping it light… not letting things get to you.

Recorded at Fifty50 Studios in Dallas, the album also features the rapid fire and rhythmic track, “Punk’s Not Dead (You Are).” Taking its title from a common phrase in the punk scene, “Punk’s Not Dead (You Are)” serves as Dillon’s mission statement, firmly establishing what Punk Rap is and what it sounds like.

As further introduction to Dillon and what he brings to the music scene, the song “M.C. (Music Composer)” takes the traditional M.C. definition and flips it around. Instead of the M.C. who rocks the Hip Hop stage, Dillon introduces himself as Music Composer who functions as a singular showman in this rock steady, Hip Hop type track.

Originally from Georgia and based in Dallas, Dillon has lived between the two areas most of his life. Listeners will hear the influence of his upbringing in his sound, particularly in what he says and how it is said. What Dillon loves most about making his distinctive style of Punk Rap is the expression, and “getting everything that you feel out – pushing boundaries and experimenting with the noises you can make.”

Dillon is preparing for the release of his music video for “Learn How to Smile.” Shooting was finished two weeks ago and the project is currently being edited. He is also writing material for his next album, which is in the early stages of development.

To listen to Dillon Lee Cronan’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

https://open.spotify.com/artist/6SFSv8Fetd0cqekdcAFiEx https://www.facebook.com/Dillonleecronan/ https://twitter.com/DillonL_cronan

“Learn How to Smile” https://open.spotify.com/track/0n2NPAaqMFYZFxLoyxOEEt

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