Debut Single From Brook Brovaz’s Debut LP Showcases Once-In-a-Generation Talent

Never more has the world needed an anthem that joins people together than during a global pandemic that has forced people to be apart.

“Squad Goals,” from Brooklyn-based Brook Brovaz is that song.

The modern-day anthem from artists Silver and Shak-Trauma is the type of song that celebrates teamwork and the heightened levels to which humanity can go when joining together with single-minded purpose. It’s about victory and celebrating the achievements that come when a team of people who have set their minds on something reach their goal.

“So many people are stuck on individual goals and not bringing up people around them,” said Cloe Luv, manager for Brook Brovaz. “But they wanted to create a song that paid homage to the foundation that helped them get to where their goals are. They’re doing this for their squad. It’s one thing to be successful on your own, but it’s another thing to bring your team up. So this is a go-to anthem for people working together.”

Luv would know all about success coming from teamwork. Over the decade-plus of representing artists and doing talent management, she’s seen a lot of talented musicians. And in her experience, the duo that makes up Brook Brovaz are some of the most naturally talented all-around musicians she’s ever seen.

“I truly feel like these boys are some of the best in the generation,” Luv said. “I’ve watched them show people the difference between being a beat maker and being a producer. The magic they create when they’re in a room together is incredible. There is no ego or competition. They are truly just vessels for amazing music and amazing creativity. I just want the world to know that as composing artists, they’re very rare. A lot of people are niche beat makers – which is great – but I’ve worked with them and I’ve seen their understanding of composing and how they’re able to navigate different genres and cultures and sounds from around the world without ever losing their identity. They always have that Brook Brovaz identity. They’re not just jack of all trades … they’re king of all trades. And I’m lucky to have been able to see this type of quality and creativity and talent in my lifetime.”

According to Silver, one of the biggest challenges of late for the duo is getting more people in the world to recognize them for their songwriting ability. For years, they’ve had global success as producers and with “Squad Goals”, they’re hoping more people will see their ability to be singers and songwriters and rappers … all-around artists.

“We want people to know that, yes, we’re the guys who produced on every genre, but our creativity and the level we can produce in different genres extends beyond just production,” Silver said. “We want to be known as guys who can touch every corner of the market. And ultimately, because of our creativity and our consistent delivery, we’re the guys who know how to just produce good music.”

“Squad Goals” is the lead single off Brook Brovaz freshman LP “A Brooklyn Summer,” which is available across all streaming platforms. The eight-song project tells the tale of what a summer is like for most first-generation Americans born to West Indian parents from Brooklyn. With this project, Silver and Shak-Trauma take listeners on a journey through their summer.

“This is just a sample of what they can do,” Luv said, “They started with an urban sound on this project, but there’s more to come. They showcase what a Brooklyn summer feels like musically and I know when people listen to it, they’ll see that they don’t give up on creativity, songwriting or delivery. They love what they do, and they live for this – they’re not just trying to get rich off it. You can tell by the product they’re delivering.”

To listen to Brook Brovaz’s music or to follow them on social media, please visit:

“A Brooklyn Summer”

“Squad Goals”

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