Day Parkay Brings Back The Golden Era With ‘Achieving While Bleeding’

In an era dominated by mumble rap, it’s refreshing when your ears are blessed with the nostalgic sounds of strategic storytelling. Born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Englewood, NJ, home of rap legends, The Sugarhill Gang, Day Parkay comes packed with talent that has the potential to attract the masses.

With his latest project, Achieving While Bleeding, Parkay gifts us with the versatility a true music-lover can appreciate; real rap; smooth; resurrecting the Golden Era and giving us that authentic Boom Bat rap vibe.

His soulful ear, relate-able content and storytelling style of rap easily places him in the Next To Blow category. Check out Achieving While Bleeding below.

Connect with Day Parkay:

Instagram: @day_parkay | Twitter: @day_parkay | Soundcloud: Day Parkay

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