Dave Mac Is Ready To Make His Presence Known In The Canadian Music Scene

The Canadian hip-hop market has been on the rise for the past decade with artists like Drake and the Weekend bringing the Toronto rap music scene into the fore-front of music throughout the world. Since then there has been no shortage of new rappers coming out of the Toronto area but a new artist that goes by the name of Dave Mac is ready to make his presence known in the Canadian music scene. With a lyrical style contrasted and compared to the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Dave Mac makes himself different by presenting more of a clean athletic look that you wouldn’t expect from the average emcee. The country rapper has been around for the past 10 years but it has only been the last few years when he started to make some noise first by completing a music video with Canadian comedy legend Ed the Sock then scoring another win by dropping his hit song “Trouble” in 2016 which blew up on Youtube and Instagram. 

Dave Mac has now released a new EP titled “Bad Boy” which dropped in June as a follow up to his 2019 album “Anything” that earned himself a silver plaque from Spotify Canada by spending some time on the top of rap charts. Dave is now hoping to replicate that success and take it to the next level with this new EP that was released along with a new single and music video for the track titled “Myself”. The new song/music video is a testament to anyone trying to make it on their own while carving a path through the music business and also maintaining creative control of their content. The music video was produced by frequent media colaborator TRUE ASPECT MEDIA(@trueaspectmedia/@miragoround) that was filmed in Dave’s own closed recording studio that offers his fans a unique look into what a recording session with Dave Mac is really like.

The new EP “Bad Boy” is available now to download and stream on Spotify and iTunes. The new music video “Myself” is currently up on Youtube and already has over 25k views so far so check it out!

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