Dallas Artist Caesare’ Shares New Music With HHW

Caesare’ grew up in south Dallas, Texas, in a typical low-income neighborhood. Daily life in this area often included home invasions, high murder rates, drugs, and various other crimes, but it also included a church on every corner. 

Caesare’ found solace in the church choir and his passion for singing grew. His love of hearing the vocals grew into a love of creating his own sound. Turning to R&B laced rap to express his own individual story, Caesare’ often creates music with other performers in mind to keep his creative efforts versatile. 

Several years ago, the artist started out with a rap group that received a development deal with a major label, however, differences drove the group apart. Having spent the early part of his music career focusing his writing efforts on other artists, he decided to strike out on his own and begin creating for himself. 

Pulling many different aspects of his daily life, from meaningful events to simple conversations with other people, Caesare’s own music focuses on experiences and delves into looking more deeply at different walks of life. “It’s therapeutic,” says the artist about his work. “There’s something fulfilling about hearing your thoughts come to life with harmony.” 
Caesare’ uses his music to tell many different types of stories. The artist says he likes to keep his work versatile to reflect the ebb and flow of daily life. 
Caesare’ is set to release his first project “The Perfect Stranger.” In 2020 

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