‘DaAsianHipHop’ to Host #BlackLivesMatter Fundraiser Event on June 25th (‘We Stand With You’)

DaAsianHipHop is a new hub for Asian artists is seeking to bridge the gap between communities of color, providing a platform to discuss the ongoing civil unrest—both nationwide and abroad—as well as raising funds for black-owned businesses.

With all that is going on in America right now, regarding police brutality and economic uncertainty, it is extremely important for artists of all types and backgrounds to come together and lend their voices to the cause. For that reason, and many more, Da Asian Hip Hop is leading by example with a new LIVE YouTube event on Thursday, June 25th. 

I have personally watched their growth on social media, from a burgeoning entertainment resource for Asian rappers and singers, to a competitive platform for artistic expression on a global scale. There’s a common misconception going around lately which says that “Asian rappers are appropriating black culture, yet they’re unwilling to stand up for Black Lives Matter”—this is a dangerous generalization! The same thing has been said about white and latino rappers, as well, yet the recent demonstrations and peaceful gatherings notably consist of all races. 

As someone who dedicates his life to a Black art form, I will always stand with the Black community. Me being a hip-hop artist means Black issues are my issues. Like I said in my ‘Asians For Black Lives’ Freestyle, ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not only a slogan, it’s the right to live. Black people deserve to exist and thrive without looking over their shoulders or fearing for their lives. Their existence matters and they are not expendable. My goals for this benefit concert are to raise awareness and show genuine solidarity between our two communities; who have been systematically pitted against each other for too long.

Alan Z

‘Da Asian Hip Hop’ community stands in fierce opposition to all forms of racism, divisiveness, or injustice; and they’re letting their actions speak louder than their words. They’ve teamed up with a variety of upcoming artists to put together a live fundraising event for the Black Lives Matters Small Business Relief fund. Their goal is to raise $1,000 in solidarity with The World Is Watching, a global youth coalition against police violence.

Tune in via Da Asian Hip Hop’s YouTube channel on Thursday, June 25th, at 9pm Eastern. Hosted by UN Youth Ambassador Vannary Kong, the line-up will consist of the following artists:

You can find more information about @DaAsianHipHop and where to donate HERE.

Written by Aaron C. Williams

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