Complexion of Sound Will Make You “Lose Control” Of Your Body and Soul

From a pristine studio in New York emanates an auditory revolution. For business owner and executive producer Bryan Glass, this revolution began decades ago. “I grew up around disco as a kid,” Glass recollected. “Both my parents were into dance music. I was in love with music that had a beat. In the late 80s and early 90s, it evolved from disco to more electronic. And I evolved with it.” Glass’ devotion to music with a beat led him to invest and build a studio. Within that studio, creative juices flowed and brought Complexion of Sound to fruition.

Glass’ vision led him to assemble a team of A-list producers, engineers, and musicians. Among their ranks is Alpha Moses, who produced Complexion of Sound’s infectious new single “Lose Control.” “My friend PHNTM is the live studio manager for Complexion of Sound,” Alpha Moses said, “I was just starting off, but me and Bryan immediately clicked. We shared professionalism and respect, and that’s where we brought out the inspiration that Bryan’s had since the disco days.”

Regarding “Lose Control,” Alpha Moses detailed the intentional contrast between the song’s dark subject matter and its catchy, contagious melody. “I feel like dance music has a stereotype to be cliché, that there’s less substance in the lyrics,” Moses said. “I wanted to bring it to life with this poppy tune and groundbreaking kind of house beat. XIMONE really came in and brought the song to life with her vocal abilities. And then our sound engineer, QRN, made it sound neat and clean and even.”

“Lose Control” is the latest success amid Complexion of Sound’s previous singles. The provocative collective have also released covers of tracks like “Love Is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar and Flock of Seagulls’ “I Ran (So Far Away).” “The cover songs resonate with me,” said Glass. “Again, being a child of the 80’s, I loved those songs. I really wanted to make those covers and use them as kind of a kickoff.” Alpha Moses shares Glass’ enthusiasm for the covers, adding, “I’m a huge remixer, that’s how I started a career. Being able to cover a song is different than a remix, but similar. It was really cool to bring tracks to life that Bryan resonated with. That made the covers resonate with me in a new way.”

Glass and Alpha Moses confirmed that Complexion of Sound has a music video for “Lose Control” in the works. “It should start production around the end of February. I’d love to see a release in the spring,” said Alpha Moses. The rest of the year will see COS releasing 3-4 more originals. Furthermore, they will soon be hosting a remix contest. While an official announcement is still forthcoming, Glass and Alpha Moses encouraged all producers, artists, and collaborators to submit their best work.

Check out “Lose Control” below and follow Complexion of Sound on social media channels.

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