Classic Williams Drops Latest Release “Droptop”

Classic Williams’ newest project “Summer Pack 2020” which is a sequel to his stellar offering “Summer Pack” released in the summer of 2019 is a bop heavy marvel from start to finish. Comprising seven songs recorded during the beginning of the quarantine period this year.

Opening up with the raucous trap influenced single “Droptop” produced by DJ Rawtune; Classic sets the tone for the summer esthetic and invites you on a wild ride through his city. Recently in an interview with Atlanta’s Dirty Glove Bastard, Classic explained how despite 2020 being a tough year for everyone he wanted to restore the feeling of summer and also speak on relevant topics affecting the world at large. This sonic diversity in this project coupled with the lyrical imagery created by Classic himself whose various styles fit perfectly within the confines of each beat lends to a smooth listen from beginning to end, and also gives a little something for everyone.

Standouts like “Covid 19 Remix” produced by Jordan Bartlett with it’s distorted, almost apocalyptic feel are simply fun and exciting to listen to. The song features Louisville-Nashville transplant Jung Youth most notably known for his single “Only One King” of NFL Thursday Night Football game; and up and coming wordsmith K.I.N.G the MC. who is definitely someone to look out for; both of whom hold their own and add various textures to the song with Classic laying the groundwork for this stellar collaboration.

The project ends with “Droptop II” produced by Jordan Bartlett and Herschel Lamont which is a fitting tribute to its predecessor, but offers an R&B take on the original with different lyrics. Classic’s got a lot of different bags on this project that he’s drawing from, but they all seem to be cohesive and never glaringly out of place due to the sequencing of the project.

If the Nashville Hip Hop Scene is going to be talked about more in recent years then artists like Classic Williams need to be pushed into the forefront of their movement. He’s a jack of all trades stylistically, which is a fitting analogy of the diverse cultural movement of artists coming from Nashville even though albeit unbeknownst to the majority of the country. If Classic Williams is the sign of things to come then that will change very soon. Summer Pack 2020 is a solid and cohesive project and we look forward to more to come.

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