Chris Will Uses Music to Overcome Past Trauma, Shares Hopeful Vibes With Fans on New Single ‘Love No More’

Like many military veterans who struggle with PTSD, a strong sense of purpose following many years of service often helps overcome the more harrowing memories. For Chris Will that sense of purpose was found in a full-time career as a professional musician.

Serving as a Marine for nearly eight years, Will was serving in Afghanistan in a heavy Taliban area in 2019 when during one of his patrols, he was shot at by an RPG. The near-death experience started messing with his head. When he returned to the base, he started talking to an Army officer, Brandon Moore, who partnered with him and other Marines. Throughout the course of their conversations, Will told Moore that he had always loved music and that prior to joining the Marines had even recorded some of his own songs. Though Will’s original plan had been to serve a full 20 years in the Marines, Moore encouraged him to leave the military and instead pursue music. Through Moore’s encouragement, Will resigned from the Marines and in the year since has been honing his craft and creating music that he’s now excited to share with the world.

His biggest hit of 2020 was a single called “Love No More” which released in mid-October and has been gaining some major traction in the months since. The song is a relatable and unique track about looking back on your first love. It’s a song that showcases his talent and creates a relatable story for people from all walks of life.

“‘Love No More’ is about my first real love and what it’s like moving on and going to college,” Will said. “I kind of kept tabs on her and I feel like she’s done the same and we’ve done a little back-and-forth saying ‘How you doing,’ but in my head I wonder what could have been and if that crosses her mind, too.”

Following the success of “Love No More,” Will said he’s planning on dropping a few more singles in the coming months, with the first set to drop during the first or second week of January 2021. He said he’s excited to show his fans more of his sound and to expand his audience internationally. When it comes to his music, he said he wants more than anything to give back to the world and inspire people as best he can.

“I create real, authentic music,” he said. “I have messages and songs with depth. I don’t always purposefully mean to do that, but I have a lot to say that I’ve held in for a lot of years and when I get in the studio, I just feel at home and let it flow. What comes out is what I feel. It’s me speaking from the heart. It’s pure and true and relatable, and hopefully it’s music that will help people get through something. We all have doubts – I’ve had them a lot this year. But every time I get doubts, I get messages from people who tell me I’ve got something and I should keep going. I want my music to be that for others. Music transformed me and now my music is helping transform others.”

Since his honorable discharge from the Marines in January 2020, Will said he’s been in better mental health and has been able to focus more on his passion. As he continues to evolve as an artist, he said he hopes he’s able to create music that is timeless and will live forever much like some of his biggest inspirations such as Michael Jackson or Prince.

To listen to Chris Will’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“Love No More”

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