Chicago rapper JFK gives “A Gift from Me To” to fans everywhere

JFK is a Hip Hop artist based out of Chicago, who has recently released his very own gift to the world. His new mixtape, “A Gift from Me to You”, is a collection of tracks that showcases his talent and gives listeners the chance to experience music in a real and exciting light.

JFK has been making music for as long as he can remember. Having grown up with music always playing, he was quick to pick up the pencil and begin writing lyrics of his own. “Writing always came easily to me. All I need is a beat and a topic and I could write just about anything. That’s really what led me to pursue my music career.” JFK’s natural talent for lyricism allowed him to get into music. But as he continued, his performance and style helped him to grow an audience and continue to do what he loved.

With a sound that is fresh and creative, JFK was able to make a name for himself. Most recently, he has been able to work on his mixtape, “A Gift from Me to You”. This project is JFK’s way of sharing his talent with the music industry and the rest of the world. “I chose to make it as a gift to the music industry, bringing back real talent and the real music that people have been missing out on lately.” His hope is that this mixtape can give people a chance to experience truer emotion than he feels the Rap industry has been putting out in recent years.

While much of this mixtape is meant to show raw emotion and bold energy, the lead single of “A Gift from Me to You” is more of a fun experience. “Sonic Hedgehog,” named after the lovable and speedy cartoon character of everyone’s childhood, is simply a fun and lighthearted track about going fast and moving forward. “I just heard the beat and went with it. This song is about making fast moves and just being fast.”

Creating this track was a great experience for JFK. “Just being able to work with the producer was a great time. He gave me the track and I was able to kill the song for him. He loved it and it was just great being able to make him happy.” They were able to put together a fun and truly electric track that is completely worth looking into.

Be sure to check out JFK on social media to keep up with him and his future projects. This is not an artist you want to miss out on.

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