Chet Chet Continues World Dominance With New Mixtape ‘Cuffs to Cufflinks 2’

It’s been quite a journey for Chester “Chet Chet” Jackson, coming from a prison stint to one of the classiest rappers in the industry. It’s a journey he chronicles on his latest project, a mixtape called “Cuffs to Cufflinks 2” which is currently available across all streaming platforms.

Dropped on Dec. 3 – the day he was released from house arrest – “Cuffs to Cufflinks 2” takes listeners through 11 songs that are dripping with raw emotion. He relates stories of being locked up, of the sweet release and of the dedication with which he’s poured himself into music

in the months since. Some of the songs bring a turnt up vibe, while others are more introspective and reflect on the mistakes of his past and his determination to remake himself. That new persona is one that he takes great pride in – a polished, upscale, well-dressed individual who brings a high class of entertainment to the masses.

“I got silk in my blood and it comes through my music,” Chet Chet said. “We gotta remember Chicago is the home of gangsters and pimps, and I believe Chicago music captures the atmosphere of the city. I like to tell stories and just speak my life. I feel like I cater to both my Chicago and southern roots in my sound.”

Chet Chet’s signature style is perhaps best exemplified with the debut single from his latest mixtape, a song called “100 Days, 100 Nights.” Produced by DJ Twin, the song will put you in a mood as you vibe with the melody and get caught up in the mesmerizing tone. It’s a song about sticking with your dreams even during the hardships of life so that you can achieve your goals and “get that money right,” Chet Chet said.

“I’ve been headed that way and now it’s time to work,” he said. “There’s no letting up. I’ve been holding on to a lot of this music but now I’m letting it out. That’s what this song is about – all that work I’ve put in. When I was incarcerated, I wrote 150 songs and I’ve done even more since I’ve been out. There’s more music to come. I’m lining things up through March and I’ve got 15 videos ready to shoot. Everything is gonna catch up because I’ve got years to catch up with. And one of the things I’m most excited about is that you can see the growth from song to song to see how far I’ve come.”

Chet Chet certainly has made some amazing strides in the industry over the past year. Across all of his single releases and bigger projects, he’s amassed more than 1 million streams, and he’s expecting those numbers to rise going into 2021 as he goes international and brings in an ever-widening fan base. To date, Chet Chet has released a total of 13 projects, including: “Sex Money, Drugs,” “Every Damn Day,” “Catch Me If You Can,” “Lacoste Love,” “Lacostalot,” “Cuffs To Cufflinks,” “Lacostalot 2,” “Lil Tony Vol. 1,” “Lil Tony Vol. 2,” “Home Confinement,” “P Sh!t (Feat. Boosie Badazz and Project Pat),” “29,” and “Cuffs to Cufflinks 2.”

“The combination of streets and my passion for music has helped me make a sound that’s really unique,” Chet Chet said. “I just sound like myself. Rather than being trendy, I want my sound to really stand on its own.”

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