Champeon is Back in the Ring After 5 Years With the New Track “Jam Remix”

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Champeon was always surrounded by the colorful sounds of Soca music and Carnival. A few years ago, he started his journey as a musician and after trials and tribulations and a little bit of time off, he is finally taking back off in a big way with his song “Jam Remix.”

Champeon got into music when he was only eight years old. Much of what he learned about it was through his uncle who was a DJ and a part from the Carnival celebration back home. After Champeon began creating music of his own and moved to the United States, he joined up with a group of friends from home called the Absentee Crew, where they performed Soca. A few years of that led him to start working on a solo career where he faced issues with producers among several other things. Now he is back in the studio creating music that he loves and that people around the world can’t seem to get enough of.

Defining his sound as Pan-African, Champeon looks to make his music something that everyone around the world can enjoy. “I call it Pan-African because I want people from different places and of different colors or different languages to be able to enjoy and relate to it.”

Champeon looks to make his music something that people can use to put themselves in a better mood or to get the party started. “I like creating songs that are good for parties, songs that can get people dancing and make them excited. Maybe I’ll slow down someday but right now, that’s what I like to do.”

The recent release of “Jam Remix” is a great example of what Champeon’s music represents. This track is a mix of the traditional sounds that he grew up with and a modern Rap sound that makes the track perfect for any audience. The track was born after Studio 23 Music Group where the song was recorded, had talked him into coming to work on some of his music. “I tried to shake it off and said, I don’t want to do this anymore, but that one day, I went in the studio and we got a nice song and really got to jam. A lot of guys around here do more Hip Hop, so what I did was send it to some friends and they all thought something was missing. So I added some spice to it. I got Chifey Jay from Nigeria on keys and Tito Monako from Kenya on strings. And Jelani, my producer, took off with it and we had the remix.”

Champeon is very excited about this song and the music video that he has recently released to go with it. He has big plans to release more music in the coming days and is excited to work with more people and get a greater audience around the globe on their feet. Listeners have been told to look out for him more in the beginning of 2021, during the Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago.

You can find the links to Champeon’s social media and music below.

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