Cali Rapper BKR Makes An Impact And Takes It “Back To The Basics”

There seems to be a lot of talk within industry circles about Fresno, California based emcee BKR (pronounced “baker”). The rising rhyme fanatic is quickly making a name for himself in the world of Hip Hop. BKR is noted for his seamless flow, hypnotic, soulful melodies and intricate wordplay. The Chicano rapper embodies the true essence of Hip Hop. BKR draws from life experiences to bring his fans true organic music. His lyrical dexterity and his ability to balance sentiment with creativity put BKR miles ahead of his peers.

There’s always something refreshing about artists who feel comfortable in their own skin. At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, BKR is on a mission to redefine Hip Hop with authenticity. The talented wordsmith is the perfect cocktail of mystery, boldness and explosive talent. He offers a rare blend of wild ambition, inventive videos, and originality that’s often absent in today’s Hip Hop scene. Moreover, BKR is a master of ceremony. His concert performances are filled with boundless energy and fan engagement. 

Equally important, BKR is making a big impact with his latest single called “Back to Basics” off of his first album titled “I Need The Music.”  The song contains heart-felt lyrics, a melodic beat, and a simple yet catchy hook that will stay stuck in your head for days! BKR uses an effortless delivery and his trademark eclectic flow to his advantage on the single. “I write songs from the heart and it appears that this song is resonating with many people,” raves the emcee. Respect the grind and join the movement. Connect with BKR at

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