Cali Dubb Reveals How Mentorship Impacted His Music Career

“Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I will learn,” a powerful analogy from Benjamin Franklin. He reminded us that we are all students for life, actively trying to learn new things that can shape our minds and behaviors. Cali Dubb believes as we grow older, this perception gets distorted due to individual experiences, external influences, and the need to achieve self-actualization. It is particularly true for professionals and creatives striving to establish themselves in their respective field. This is where mentorship becomes an important aspect to consider.

Cali Dubb is a hip-hop artist and songwriter from Ontario, California. His style of music has attracted fans from all over the world. He exemplifies confidence, an attribute that he wishes everyone could possess as they chase their dreams. Cali Dubb always recognizes the input of his partners, accomplices, family members, friends, and mentors. The same people who have positively impacted his career. He gets insights and tips from them on how he can become a better person and musician, and he hopes this might continue for a lifetime. For him, this is the purest form of mentorship.

According to Cali Dubb, mentorship is an engagement between you and an individual who wants you to prosper in a particular aspect. One of the most remarkable traits of mentors is their ability to see ahead what others cannot see and help a mentee to navigate a course to their preferred destination. Our primary want in life is always to have somebody who can make us realize our potential regardless of perceived barriers. Mentors have given Cali Dubb hope about himself but at the end of it all, what matters is whether he believes in himself.

Cali Dubb says that his mentors have empowered him to try out new things. They have enabled him to feel valued and valuable even during his lowest moments in life. Mentors have given him respect whenever he thought that other people were ignoring his talent as an artist. His identity as a musician has become better with time. He believes in his abilities more than ever before. Aside from these, he gets advice on strategically managing his career path in a rather competitive music industry from his mentors.

But he warns that creatives have to get the right mentor if they are to realize all these benefits. Yes, a mentor will sometimes criticize, but they will help you develop a positive mindset and an attitude. Cali Dubb insists that our minds are not vessels to be filled but a fire to be kindled, and that’s exactly what mentors can do for us.

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