Buffalo, New York Artist J-Retro Chops It Up With HHW

By Redd Roxx

Hungry and humble are words you can use to describe this artist hailing out of Buffalo, New York, meet J-Retro.  Confident in his craft, he intends to be a household name in the rap game. Being an artist in a small city has had it’s challenges but he’s met them all head on and is determined to take his career to the next level. I caught up with J-retro to talk about his latest music and his plans for the future in the rap game. 

REDDROXX: When did you realize you wanted to do music? 

J-RETRO: I realized I wanted to do music while watching my uncles do music. 

RR: Ok so it runs in the family that’s what’s up. What’s some of the obstacles you’ve overcome so far with getting your name and music out there?  

JR: Just gettin my fan based bigger and getting better as an artist, having a name for myself now. 

RR: It definitely is a process growing your fan base but you’re off to a great start! You recently dropped a song called “Holding Center” and its visuals, how’d the song come about?

JR: Rip My uncle Shay (BSF) he just told me he needed some gangsta sh*t so we recorded “Holding Center” and the rest is history. It’s been streaming pretty well on Spotify also.

RR: Ok! So he challenged you and you rose to the occasion. Tell me about your upbringing in Buffalo and how you feel it shaped you as an artist

JR: My upbringing was cool, it was really how you make your life in Buff. It shaped me as an artist because don’t many people make it out of where we from so that push me 10x’s to go harder.

RR: Respect! How are you different from other up and coming artists?

JR: I got my own flow. [I’m] Still young, still learning. 

RR: Who’s J-Retro outside of the music?

JR: Outside of the music? Calm, cool, collected young N***a. I also been in movies such as Hunger Pangs by Duce king it’s on Amazon Prime. 

RR: Ok so chill and getting your acting on huh? I can dig it. How are you staying inspired and creative during the pandemic?

JR: It’s not nothing I ain’t used to. I been motivated and grinding before a pandemic so it ain’t nothing to me. I’m finding new ways everyday. 

RR: Happy tp know it hasn’t slowed you down! So aside from yourself, who’s the top five artists in your playlist currently? 

JR: (No order) Babyface Ray, Lil Durk, Meek mill, Yb and Lil Baby 

RR: Some of those names are on mine too right now. What’s your thoughts on the Drill Music movement? 

JR: I’m rockin’ with it, everybody adding they own sauce to it. 

RR: What can we expect next from you?  

More music videos on da way 

RR: Bet! Looking forward to it! Drop your social media and music links so we can support



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