Brooklyn Based Smilez Da Artist Drops New Single “Run It Up”

One of the hottest Brookyln based up and coming artist’s, Smilez Da 
Artist, has emerged on the music scene with a new single called “Run It 
Up”, released on the 28th of Feb 2019. The Brooklyn native writes 
about wanting a better life, being tired of their normal 9-5 and working 
hard “getting to the bag”, as Smilez would say to get what they want out 
of life. Run It Up is a motivational song, foreseeing a future with 
unlimited possibilities filled with unlimited money, cars and luxuries. 
Smilez’s flow in the song is smooth, concise and lyrical. Blending rap 
and R&B with lines like, “You know Ima boss gotta run it up when I get da 
bag just know gotta double up, Imma make ha dance I kno she gon run it 
up, she gone get da bag I know she gon f*%@ it up…” The song makes you 
want to buy a few bottles and celebrate. 

Here to grace the industry with their melodic flow, Rockstar vibe and 
street eloquence, the anticipated artist has come to claim a spot with 
catchy melodies, edgy auto tones and heart felt lyrics. 


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