Bodega Flee Shares Branson Commercial With HHW

DJ Bodega Flee has truly become the sound of Orlando, Tampa, and now Miami. However, after the pandemic plagued our nation, he became one of the sounding voices through music as he lit up the turntables during Tory Lanez’ “Quarantine Radio” and “The Social Distance Tour”.  Together, those shows that featured DJ Bodega Flee garnered over 1M views on YouTube alone and the numbers are still climbing. DJ Bodega Flee gained his notoriety after hosting FREE parties in Florida after moving from Harlem, USA. He packed his bags and took everything he accomplished through party promotions and deejaying with him to the land of blue skies, sandy beaches and palm trees. He sprinkled some of the NYC flava into the Nightlife scene with DJ’s from up north. This led to powerful alliances with NYC top DJ- “DJ Enuff” who owned and operated “The Heavy Hitters” DJ movement. After joining this movement, it became instrumental in advancing his career. He locked down key positions in three different markets: Orlando, Tampa and Miami. He went from promotions to running the boards to becoming one of the hottest DJ’s to hit the airwaves for stations such as 95.7FM (Tampa) 104.5 FM The Beat (Orlando) and 94.9 FM (Miami). Publicist Lynn Hobson stated, “Currently, DJ Bodega Flee is spinning each and every Saturday from 2am-4am on 99 Jamz. In addition to that, Flee has a residency at Boobie Trap Nightclub in Miami and he is the newest Brand Ambassador for 50 Cent’s Branson Cognac. He is getting the job done. The world will know his name.” Bodega Flee is currently working on the establishment of his very own record label. Be on the lookout for that. It’s coming soon!


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