Birmingham’s Hardbody Shard Releases New Album

Every area has its lyrical heavy hitters and Birmingham, Alabama is no different. You can’t mention rappers from Birmingham without mentioning Hardbody Shard. He’s received accolades for his word play and for bringing a unique sound to his city. Being raised in Birmingham impacted Hardbody Shard’s music because he cultivated his sound impart due to other musical greats coming out of the area such as Birmingham J, Modesty OX, and Attitude just to name a few.

Hardbody Shard isn’t limited to Alabama though, he’s received notice in the music game as a whole for not only his talents, but also his passion for music and the quality of music he releases as well. Currently independent, he’s released his first album entitled “More Trophies Than Celebrations” which he states is already not only been described as a solid body of work, but a classic. The album stays true to his roots as it features two of Birmingham’s rising stars, Big Yavo (Cinematic Music Group) and TLE Cinco (300 Ent) along with a handful of other independent artists from Birmingham. 

Although Hardbody Shard is considered “The One With The Voice” due his unique sound, outside of music he’s a father, mentor, brand ambassador, and considers himself a student of the music industry. When asked about what we can expect from him next he replied  “Hopefully this pandemic lifts this year so o can get back on stage but other than that, new visuals and new music. This is only the beginning.”

Check out Hardbody Shard’s new album 

“More Trophies Than Celebrations” now streaming on all music platforms 

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