Baby Cate Drops New ‘Self Love’ EP

I want people to want to listen to every song I make over and over again just because they connect with it in some way.

Baby Cate

Massachusetts-bred multifaceted artist, Baby Cate, is back with her sophomore EP, Self Love. The project is fully written and produced by the 23-year-old self made phenomenon.

Made up of three songs and an interlude, each song plays out like a different note in Cate’s personality; resulting in a raw and unique listen.

“With each song I write, for the most part, the process is never the same. Inspiration is huge though. I could come up with a simple track for production all of a sudden, then write to it, then build more production around the lyrics. I could have a hook in my head, then build around that etcetera,” says Cate.

With Hip-Hop at the forefront of this project, Cate also manages to infuse the EP with elements of Pop, Rock and R&B as well; touching on everything from female empowerment to themes of acceptance and self love.

Check out this soul-touching masterpiece below.

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