B.A. Badd’s Is Gearing Up To Drop “Everybody Eats” On All Platforms Jan 24th 2020

B.A. Badd’s “Everybody Eats” is not just an album but a mentality and proclamation; its him snatching a seat at the table of east coast hip hop’s newfound home, Upstate New York . The ravenous conveyed throughout B.A.’s music was initially acquired in the streets of Syracuse and later reoriented toward music. Cutting his teeth earlier on as member of Da Zombeez and later as a solo artist, the road to “Everybody Eats” hasn’t been without pitfall. The prison stint, the loss of friends, and other perils are all on display throughout the music as he serves food for thought to the listeners.  

The single “codes” is providing instructions; a vade mecum of moral conduct and the consequences of failed compliance. B.A.’s verse here is steeped in intimidation with Rome Streetz closing the tract echoing the same sentiments concerning codes. The stripped-down visual matches the overall tone with few distractions just the streets and its principal coming forth from their lyrics. Other features include a Conway appearance on the title track which serves as a cosign signifying that B.A. deserves his spot aside the other chefs of the Upstate New York’s sound and together the two display their lyrical palate, declaring “its us against them”.

You eat what you kill and although B.A. isn’t afraid to sprinkle a few strong features throughout the project the lion’s share of devouring is done by the man himself. Most notably on Knowledge is born Pt 2 and the albums opener Syracuse Bad. “Everybody Eats”is a half an hour buffet with B.A. ingesting everything in sight and the by-product is some shit (pun intended) well worth a listen. 

The album is best served and consumed on Bandcamp but will be available on all streaming platforms Jan 24th 2020.

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