Atlanta Rapper Paycheckk Releases ‘Twerkfest’ as he Reps for Newest Album

Hot new rapper Paycheckk has recently released his newest single “Twerkfest,” an upbeat and exciting summer track that is sure to be a light note on what has been an intense and heavy season. While his music is a fun, lighthearted experience, he also discussed his view on some of the less loveable parts of 2020.

Paycheckk started his journey with music at a young age, falling in love with it almost immediately. “Music just touched my soul at a young age. I can’t really explain it. I just fell in love with music like it wasn’t really even a choice. Music just has control over me.” He explained how he began making music as a young boy with his older brother. “I made my first show in the early 90s. It was me and my older brother and I was like nine years old. We had this little boom box and a cassette tape, and we would press record on the cassette and we used it to record the words and we have made a song with it.”

One of the social causes that Paycheckk places a lot of support in is the Black Lives Matter movement. In a recent video he released about his views on the events that have happened in the last year, he discusses the importance of unity and peace among the people in the United

States. “Us as a people, we need each other. We’ve got to do better. It’s the only way we’re going to grow.” This concept is something that while he tries to emulate as person, he tries to keep out of his music which he uses as a safe space, free from social issues.

“Twerkfest” is an upbeat and energetic single that Paycheckk recently released that will also be featured in his next album “Game Recognize Game”. He described this new single as being something that anyone can enjoy. “If you like to dance then it’s for you. Just do what you do, show them moves!” Another exciting part of “Twerkfest” is that the music video for the track is being released on the week of September 7th and there will be a “Twerkfest” competition on TikTok where the winner will receive a cash prize.

Paycheckk’s new album “Game Recognize Game” is about his life and the work that he’s put in both on the streets and in the recording studio. “It is about me recognizing the game and how the game recognizes me.” It talks about his relationships and the work he did to grow in the industry, make money and become a better musician overall.

Paycheckk plans to do so much more in both the near and distant future. He is just starting to get back in the swing of performances after the pandemic and will be releasing his latest album in late November. There is so much to look forward to with Paycheckk.

You can find Paycheckk’s social media and music at the following links.


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