Atlanta Rapper “Money Mu” Goes Live with HHW”s Ishh and talks about his single “Hittin” with over 36 Million Views on YouTube.

Interview By CallMeIshh

Ish : How long have you been working this song? 

Money Mu: since January 2017 , I made it in 2016 I dropped it in 2017 I’m still working it. 

Ishh: Now you remember way back what I tell you about this song?

Money Mu: You been rocking with me you already know that’s love.

Ishh:  So you got Moneybagg yo on the remix 

Money Mu: yes ma’am salute to Moneybagg Yo and Foogiano on the remix that really took it to the next level. That was definitely the move right there. 

Ishh: How did that come to play? 

Money Mu: It came in to play me and  Boomman was chopping it up and we felt like they would be good artist for the remix, we felt like it would make it go so we reached out to them they both came to the studio that same day put their verses down and we shot the video the same day. 

Ishh: How did you link with Boomman ( Authentic Empire) 

Money Mu: Boomman and reached out, I had already seen a couple of times in the streets just being around fucking round. He had reached out and was like lets chop it up see what we can do to put it together. We sat down me him Redpush we was seeing eyes to eye the same vision we had put it together just like that. 

Ishh: Who else have you been working with?

Money Mu: K Camp , Money Man and Lil Durk that song “Eat” remix going crazy if you aint heard that one its a real banger too. 

Ishh: Congratulations on your song being played in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers locker room after their win.

Money Mu: Hell yeah when they won the Super bowl they definitely cranked it up. I seen them crank it up before then too 

Ishh: what’s next?

Money Mu: we got the project coming next month (March) so its going to be a lot of bangers on y’all . I visuals already in the cut it’s definitely heat coming . Check out the “Believe “ merch on Authentic Empire on Ig to check it out. 

Video link to music video below 

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