Atlanta Duo DeeZire Stream Steamy New Single “Tell Me”

Atlanta duo, DeeZire, is returning old school class and elegance to R&B. Both X’clusiv and Swade fell in love with singing early in life. Growing up in church, their mothers compelled them to participate in youth choir. “When I was maybe 5 or 6 years old,” X’clusiv remembered, “my Mom was the youth director. She started taking me to choir practice, and that’s how I found out I could sing.” Swade recalls a similar experience. “When your Mom works for the church, you don’t really have much of a choice. Anytime they need someone to sing, you’re pushed to the forefront.”

DeeZire’s latest track, “Tell Me,” is a suave, sultry serenade that sizzles more steam than a sauna. It’s a genuine call for intimacy between devoted partners. It’s classic R&B with a fresh take that’s certain to make lovers swoon. “‘Tell Me’ is a newer song,” commented Swade. “I wrote it back in 2020 when everyone was stuck inside. I heard the track, and then I wrote the lyrics.” X’clusiv related how quickly “Tell Me” came together. “Swade called me and said, ‘Hey, I got a great track for the EP.’ We ended up writing it that same day. I think we wrote it in about 45 minutes.”

DeeZire draw from influences like Michael Jackson, New Edition, Prince, and Usher. These influences made it easy for the duo to craft their soulful sound. “Our writing sessions were never intended to create that sound,” said X’clusiv,” the songs just came out that way.” DeeZire never shy away from their influences, often integrating covers into their live performances. “We like to mix it up, we like to keep people on their toes,” said Swade. “We might throw in a little jodeci to keep the crowd excited.”

As consummate professionals, Swade and X’clusiv intend to gauge their output according to feedback from fans. “We’re independent artists,” Swade explained, “and we want to make sure we do what is right.” “We want to make sure we put our best foot forward,” added X’clusiv. But a lack of a record label can’t stop these indomitable entrepreneurs. “We’re doing everything in-house,” said X’clusiv. “A music video for ‘Tell Me’ has been discussed and is in the works.” Swade noted that he has a particular vision for a music video, and he wants to make sure it aligns with the song he wrote.

But the single “Tell Me” is only the beginning for DeeZire. X’clusiv and Swade will be releasing an additional single, “Raindrop”, in the coming months. An EP, called Love Zone, will follow thereafter. And that’s not all! “We’ve already started working on a full-length LP,” X’clusiv said. “We can’t stop! We’ve just gotta keep going and pushing music out.”

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