Akron, Ohio Artist Jay Juice Escaped The Streets by Diving Head First Into Hip-Hop

Akron Ohio is birthing a new era with artists such as Jason Ramone also known as “Jay Juice.” Coined by a name given to him by his father – he took to the Hip-Hop world like a moth to a flame after free styling with friends. The 80’s rap duo, “Whodini” were known for the smash hit, “Friends… how many of us have them?” Well Jay has friends who pushed him into a booth and he never looked back. He recalls,

“When I stepped into the booth , it just felt natural. That’s when I knew it was my calling.”

Jay Juice escaped the streets of Akron by diving head first into the world of Hip-Hop. Strapped with a mic in hand, he was signed to the Indie Label, OhTen Records. His first release, “No Hook” said to the world, “I don’t need a hook. My lyrics can stand on its own.”This was his first single that is still making waves today. His current release “Finna B Rich” is already gaining traction with well over 100K views on the visual. 

Jay Juice humbly admits, “I am thankful for having music as my outlet because honestly, I could’ve been swallowed up in the streets. The streets would’ve been calling my name, but it’s cool because now I can just rap and maintain my focus while reaching for the moon. My music was my guardian Angel.” Publicist Lynn Hobson states, “This young artist is motivated and making moves. The Class of 2022 has a star among them.

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