1942 Leel is The Life of The Party With New Track ‘Rerock’

Atlanta based Hip Hop artist 1942 Leel is leaving 2020 in a blaze of glory with his electric new track “Rerock.” This song has an exciting new sound to it and does an amazing job of showcasing his skill as rapper and overall talent as a musician.

Leel was introduced to the music industry through his brother. “I first got into it by seeing my brother make music. It really inspired me to see him in the studio recording and performing.” Leel began creating music after graduating high school but did not decide to take the projects to the next level until years later. He took on the name of 1942 Leel, a tribute to his drink of choice, Don Julio 1942.

Leel draws influence from a selection of musicians, his brother included, but his style truly pulls from the scenes that he grew up in. “Every song has a different sound, but my main style is a mix between Mt. Clemens, where I grew up, and Atlanta, where I live. Some tracks might be a little more of one than the other. It just depends on the song.”

In “Rerock,” it is easy to hear the strong Atlanta Hip Hop scene influences. This track was made for the party. “This song has a real party, getting lit kind of vibe,” he explained. “Rerock” has an extremely fun and easy-to-listen feel to it, a true party song. Leel was able to truly enjoy being in the studio with the track and feeling his way through the song. “The track is really just what my lifestyle is like. I am a big partier and a big drinker. This is the kind of song you can get turnt up to, a club song.”

“Rerock” is a great track and there is still more to come with Leel. His plans for the New Year include getting his music out into the world. This will include a video for “Rerock” as well as more music coming from him in the next year.

Be sure to keep up with 1942 Leel and check out his music and social media below.

https://twitter.com/1942Leel https://www.instagram.com/1942leel/ https://www.facebook.com/1942leel/

“Rerock” https://m.soundcloud.com/1942leel/rerock

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