11-year-old Serenity Rennie Jackson Proves She Has What It Takes To Be Successful In Music

Being able to command a stage in front of a crowd takes courage, 11-year-old Serenity Rennie Jackson and is proving to the masses that she is and will be recognized for her craft. Rennie is known for her contagious melodic rhyme scheme and positive messages. Rennie began performing at the age of 6 years old performing a song penned by her cousin for a pageant, and from there it became a ritual. With the assistance of her family Serenity, is building a sure pathway to success. 

Coming from a musical background, Serenity’s father was known for his music affiliations, giving Serenity direct inside on how to become the artist she aspires to be. 

Though Serenity had many resources her major influence comes from her cousin Slam, from grooming her for performances as well as assisting with Rennie’s songwriting. 

Rennie finds ways to keep up with her music while maintaining cheerleading, dance, and pageants. Realizing from an early age that she has to make sacrifices most 11-year-olds wouldn’t., choosing to write music or studio time is how Renny chooses to spend her downtime versus playing outside or socializing with friends. 

Rennie performed at the Black Excellence event that featured on Hip Hop Weekly’s Instagram live, which reached over 20k people.  Rennie is no stranger to the stage as she had already performed at over 20 different events in the past two years. As we are approaching the slow reopening of the country Rennie looks forward to performing as much as she’s allowed. 


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