Activists Fight To Stop Execution Of Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed, Celebs Join Effort

What would you do if you were staring death in the face for a crime you didn’t commit, and counting down the days until a November 20th execution? Sounds harsh, but that’s the reality for Texas native, Rodney Reed; who has served more than 20 years on Death Row for the 1996 murder of his then lover, Stacey Stites.

Since Day 1, Rodney has maintained his innocence; being convicted of Capital Murder with zero evidence he committed any crime. Rodney and Stacey shared a consensual sexual relationship and engaged in an affair, whom many have confirmed, including Stites’ family.

However, with no DNA linking Reed to the actual crime scene, prosecutors were able to convince an all-white jury that Rodney was guilty of this heinous crime. They allege Reed was able to brutally attack and sexually assault Stacey on foot, in her car, leaving no evidence behind.

Meanwhile, the original suspect of the crime was Stacey’s fiancé, Jimmy Fennell, a police officer with a history of violence against women; whom was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for the kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman while on duty as a police officer. Fennell even went so far as bragging about the murder to inmates once incarcerated, saying “I had to kill my n***** loving fiancé,” yet all request to evaluate new evidence have been denied.

On October 10th & 11th, Dr. Phil aired a two-part segment which brought global attention back to Reed’s case and execution; triggering many individuals to get involved, including Kim Kardashian-West, who pleaded with Texas Governor, Greg Abbott to step in. Well-known, Journalist and Activist Shaun King went a step further in spreading the word non-stop via social media, in addition to many petitions that have been created in support of Rodney Reed’s innocence. In the last 48 hours, Rodney has gained the support of many celebs who are just learning about his case, but with just 15 days, will their voices be heard? The answer is simple: Not without yours!

For more details on the case and how you can help, visit, and check out some of the celebs who have been showing support across the web below.

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